Do you want to address racism but you don’t know where to begin? Join us -- St Ignatius parishioners & friends -- to study, reflect and join in conversations on the topics of Faith & Racial Equity. 

             These are hard topics that we must face and work through so that we may be reconciled with God and with one another.

             We will meet via Zoom once a week (two and half hour/session) for 8 weeks on this journey together, beginning the first week of August going through the last week of September.


             More information will be presented and frequently asked questions will be answered during a Zoom meeting in the last week of July, 2020. For further information and/or an invitation to the Zoom meeting, please contact George Veomett (gveomett@gmail.com)  or Le Tran (ltt0101@yahoo.com). 


JustFaith Ministries TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION: How to Educate Your Community on Faith and Justice*. Jack Jezreel, Founder of JustFaith Ministries and author of A New Way to Be Church: Parish Renewal from the Outside In, is the presenter via zoom. For some of you this is similar to what we tried to do with him in person last year in the fall. That was then and this now, the age of Covid 19, where distance and location are no longer an issue.

This is a chance, in my opinion, to be introduced to some extraordinary tools for helping people in your networks respond urgently and compassionately out of their faith, love, and hope to today’s religious, environmental, and political climate, especially to all creatures living on the margins. From my experience, you will find the learning design of these programs and their constant focus on formation for action encouraging, compelling, and life giving for the participants and their communities. Don’t take my word for it. Come and listen to Jack on August 4th at 4 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time). 

I urge you to register. Registration for this Zoom event is limited; to participate, you will need to register here: https://justfaith.org/portland-august-2020/. For more information about JustFaith Ministries visit https://justfaith.org/. Please share this flyer with others who you think might be interested.  Ed Kaiel

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