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St. Ignatius School

St. Ignatius School was founded in 1908 through a partnership between the Holy Names Sisters and the Jesuits. In our diverse pre-K-8 Catholic school, we hold dear the value of shaping the whole person. Each day we immerse our students in rigorous academics, being of service to others, love of the arts, and respect for differences in order to build a just and compassionate world.

Our Mission

We, the community of St. Ignatius School, in the tradition of Mother Marie Rose and St. Ignatius of Loyola, provide a faith-centered Catholic education guiding God's children toward building a just and compassionate world. 


Our Philosophy

All members of the St. Ignatius community work together to form self-confident and well-balanced individuals. At St. Ignatius, we recognize our diversity, encourage its growth and embrace its strength. Our school program nourishes students' spiritual, academic, emotional, and social growth, helping individuals to see beyond themselves by reaching out and serving others. 

Profile of St. Ignatius School Students

Our St. Ignatius community works together to form self-confident, well-balanced individuals. We are committed to providing an educational environment that will strengthen the spiritual, academic, and social growth of all students and guide them to meet their maximum potential.

Eager Minds

As St. Ignatius School students, we will:
  • Continually strive to achieve a higher level of learning.

  • Listen actively and express ideas with confidence.

  • Problem-solve and work cooperatively with others.

Enthusiastic Spirits

As St. Ignatius School students, we will:
  • Possess confidence in sharing Catholic practices and traditions while respecting all faiths.

  • Understand the need for a just and compassionate world and be actively involved in service.

  • Recognize the value of Ignatian and Holy Names' charisms.

Passionate Hearts

As St. Ignatius School students, we will:
  • Show respect, kindness, and empathy for all of God's diverse creations.

  • Accept responsibility for our actions.

  • Lead and support members of our communities.

Brilliant Futures

As St. Ignatius School students, we will:
  • Nurture self-respect, self-confidence, and healthy habits.

  • Utilize our gifts and talents by performing to the best of our abilities.

  • Maintain a joyful and positive attitude.

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