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Music & Choir

The Parish Choir sings at the 10:30 am Mass, September through May, as well as at feast days throughout the liturgical year.

St. Augustine rightly says that to sing is to pray twice.  And Joseph says: if you have the desire to sing, I can teach you!  That’s part of how the Parish Choir works here at St. Ignatius.  Learning to proclaim the word in song is what we do, and you do not need professional training to join us.  Training happens at each of our rehearsals, as does prayer, and contemplative conversations about the words we’re singing, and the history behind those words.


At our rehearsals (Sunday mornings at 9:15 am), we not only learn the music and the Mass parts of the day, we also spend time sharpening both our sight-reading and our ear-training skills. Voice training is also a regular part of our rehearsal time.  As well, because the liturgy is a living, breathing creation, we function as something of a troupe of musical improv artists, ready to harmonize as needed and to support the assembly in their musical prayers.


Contact Joseph Byrd with any questions: or 503-777-1491, ext. 238

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