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Called to Protect Training

Called to Protect training is required for everyone employed by or serving the Parish. To begin training, you must complete a background check. Contact Patty Frangipani or call the Parish office at 503-777-1491 to get started.

All volunteers in our parish & school need this training:

Archdiocese Mandatory Training.


Each year the Archdiocese of Portland has training requirements for keeping our children and youth safe and to educate adults on “red flags” that can put themselves and others at risk.  This years training is C.A.S.E.: Creating A Safe Environment, an IN-PERSON training (rather than online) which will take about 1 & ½ hours.     Who needs this training?  All Clergy, All Employees, Current Volunteers who work with minors...even just once, New Volunteers who wish to work with minors...even just once.  


Click below to check the Archdiocese website for training dates:

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