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First Reconciliation & Eucharist

Dear Sacramental Prep families,


My prayers are with all of you these days of quarantine and I wanted to update you on our Sacramental Preparation plans.  With so many unknowns we cannot predict when our First Communion celebration will be, but please assure the children that as soon as our community can celebrate together we will schedule a new date and we will ALL be rejoicing with them!


In the meantime, there are several important things that families can do:

  • Please have children pray for their prayer partners.  If your child did not receive his/her prayer partner information and did not make a card in class, Mary Kay will be contacting you with the appropriate information and your child can make a special card at home. It can also be helpful to make a little “prayer card” with the person’s name to post on your refrigerator or near the dinner table or somewhere visible to remind your child to pray for his/her prayer partner.

  • Make your First Eucharist banner for the church – we look forward to adorning the Church with them when we return!

  • Focus on celebrating Sundays and Holy Week in a special way at home.  I am including a link to a guide for celebrating Palm Sunday this weekend with some great at-home activities, videos, a pretzel recipe, and more.  This is courtesy of Deb Hilterbrand, one of our Children’s Liturgy catechists.  Next week I will forward some information for use during Holy Week. 


Our prayers are with all the children (and their families) during this time of preparation and quarantine.  May God bless us all with extra creativity, courage, patience, and faith. 

Celebrating Palm Sunday Guide




Beth Schaller

Family Life Coordinator

Phone:  503-781-4737



Beth Schaller

Family Life Coordinator

(503) 777-1491 ext. 236

St. Ignatius offers preparation for first Reconciliation and first Eucharist for children who are age second grade or older. The children's Reconciliation classes are held between September and October, and Eucharist classes are held between January and May. Parent sessions and opportunities for family involvement are provided during the preparation periods.

Our sacramental preparation classes for students starting 2nd grade (or older) are underway now to prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist in Spring 2020. Stay tuned for important dates regarding next year's sacramental preparation starting in the fall.