Worship Ministries

Altar Linens The cleaning of linens involves washing and ironing small linens. One minister is assigned weekly to clean the linens used during Mass including corporals, purificators, and small towels. The linens are taken home weekly and guidelines are provided for cleaning.


If interested in helping with this ministry, contact Arlene Crouch at (503) 774-5652.

Arts & Environment   Those who serve in this ministry are responsible for preparing an environment for worship that will mediate the presence of God. Their goal is to ensure that our church environment is clean, appropriate, beautiful and accessible. They work behind the scenes to transform our worship space into a welcoming and prayerful environment for each liturgical season of the year. The team includes fabric artists, flower arrangers, decorators, seamstresses, people who can climb high ladders to hang banners and others who plan projects. Contact Sarah Faux at sfaux@sipdx.org for more information.

Lectors   On Sundays and during daily Eucharistic liturgies, these men, women, and young adults welcome everyone to the liturgies.  They proclaim the real presence of Christ in the First and Second readings from Scripture at the ambo, in front of the assembly. Lectors also lead the assembly in the Prayers of the faithful.  
Contact Sarah Faux at sfaux@sipdx.org for more information.

Prayer List:   
Please remember the following members of St Ignatius Parish in your prayers:

Sue Brent, Kevin Jeans Gail, Carolyn Pearson, 

(Call the office at 503-777-1491 to be included on our prayer list.)


Sacristans These lay people work together to prepare those things needed for Mass such as books, vestments, vessels, incense, bread, and wine. The also adjust the lighting system and assist the priest by serving at the altar during the liturgy as well as wash the vessels following the liturgy. They also assist at celebrations of baptism, confirmation, weddings, anointing of the sick, and funerals.

Contact the office for more information.  Contact Sarah Faux at sfaux@sipdx.org for more information. 

Prayer Ministry is starting back up again after the pandemic break.  Contact the office if you are interested.  503-777-1491

You are invited to bring your prayer intentions and partner with us to lift up your prayers to The Lord. We will be available at the back of the church each 1st Sunday of the month after the 8:00am Mass and before the 10:30am Mass. As always, we will have privacy and our prayers will be held in confidence. We do ask that you continue to wear a mask while in the Prayer Room.   Thank you and God Bless