Volleyball, basketball, and track are offered to boys and girls in grades 4 through 12 in either public or parochial schools. Parent volunteers or CYO team members serve as coaches, snack bar staff, and scorekeepers.

If interested in getting involved, contact Darren Skeldon, parent/parishioner volunteer CYO Coordinator.

For information about Camp Howard, click here or contact Lisa Sanders.

Currently, there aren't many opportunities for middle school youth. Have ideas and interested in organizing something?

Contact Erika Skeldon, parent/parishioner volunteer coordinator.

Do you feel called to lead or participate in youth ministry at St. Ignatius Church?  Inquiries about youth ministry may be directed to Grace Byrd.

Currently we are fortunate to have some strong youth programs in the area that we recommend:

Holy Family Catholic Church Youth Programs


Moreland Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Troop 351, chartered December 31, 1979, helps youth explore their personal journey to adulthood. As an integral partner with the faith community and the scout’s family, the Scout Oath calls a scout to duty: to God, to country, and to self. In 1980, the new troop was able to take over the operation of the Christmas Tree lot, abandoned by the Little League, and since that time, the lot is the main financial support for the scouting program. Profits are used to send scouts to summer camp, and for monthly camping, buying badges and awards, and for tithing to St. Ignatius parish.

Visit Troop 351's website for more information.


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