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This year at IGNITE, we will explore the history of Christian spirituality from the early church through the Great Schism and the Reformation, until today.

The invitation is simple:
  • COME- with an open heart to see what it is all about.

  • CONTEMPLATE - the presence of the Holy Spirit. in your own life and experience,

  • CONNECT - to the Mass, the saints; the people of St. Ignatius, and your heart.

Winter/Spring Schedule

  • March 26th - John Donne - The mystic poet

  • April 23rd - "Pilgrim " books and the Jesus Prayer

Come to one class, or come to them all, as you desire.

Classes, will take place from 6-7:15 and will meet on Zoom.

Meeting. ID 833 9062 2228

Passcode: IGNITE

Gerald May-Varities of Spiritual Companionship
Download PDF • 225KB
Protest and Catholic Reformations and Spiritual Direction
Download PDF • 77KB
Fagin, SJ-The Spirituality of the Spiritual Director
Download PDF • 1.38MB
What is Christian Spiritual Direction
Download PDF • 459KB

We will be using the Book "A History of Christian Spirituality" by Urban T. Holmes, Ill. You are welcome but hot required, to purchase the book. If you have any questions or would like to join our mailing list, contact Grace (

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