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Masses are suspended until further notice.

Links to the live stream for Ordination are above for those held at St. Ignatius or go to the Jesuitwest website for MORE INFORMATION

Ordination: link for the live stream of Billy Biegler, SJ 

Weekend Recorded Liturgies 

St Ignatius Recorded Mass
for July 12, 2020 

(Available July 11th)


Music & Worship Aid:


Opening song – Lift High the Cross—BB 703
Interlude Song—The Summons—BB 383
Meditation Song—This Is My Song—BB 733
Closing Song—Down to the River to Pray—BB 644


Lyrics & Prayers of the Faithful-CLICK HERE:


             Do you want to address racism but you don’t know where to begin? Join us -- St Ignatius parishioners & friends -- to study, reflect and join in conversations on the topics of Faith & Racial Equity.

              These are hard topics that we must face and work through so that we may be reconciled with God and with one another.

             We will meet via Zoom once a week (two and half hour/session) for 8 weeks on this journey together, beginning the first week of August going through the last week of September.


             More information will be presented and frequently asked questions will be answered during a Zoom meeting in the last week of July, 2020. For further information and/or an invitation to the Zoom meeting, please contact George Veomett (gveomett@gmail.com)  or Le Tran (ltt0101@yahoo.com). 


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Billy Biegler, SJ

Fr. Thomas William (Billy) Biegler, SJ, was born in Sacramento, California. The middle of three boys, Billy met the Jesuits at a young age, developing a fondness for their humor, depth and approachability. A graduate of Jesuit High School in Sacramento, Billy completed his undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of San Francisco. After undergrad, Billy worked briefly for the San Francisco Opera but returned to Sacramento to work for California Musical Theatre (Sacramento Music Circus). In 2009, Billy entered the Jesuit Novitiate in Culver City, California. He completed first studies in St. Louis, finishing philosophy at Saint Louis University and completing a master’s degree in theatre and performance studies at Washington University. For Regency, Billy worked at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon, teaching freshman English, freshman Spanish and senior theology. In addition to teaching, Billy led service trips, retreats and a mighty group of

freshmen basketball players. For theology, Billy studied at the

Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and received

a Master of Divinity degree. Additionally, he worked at

Saint Cecilia Parish in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood,

serving as

spiritual director, RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

instructor and chaplain to the CARES ministry (ministry to the

sick and homebound). After ordination, Billy will serve in

Portland at St. Ignatius Parish and help with vocation

promotion. He is deeply grateful to all of those whose

love has transformed his journey.


First Reconciliation & Communion Registration for 2020/2021

For those who are thinking about Sacramental Preparation for next year, our registration materials and online registration form are now available.  Sacramental Preparation is for children in grades 2 or higher and it begins with First Reconciliation in the fall and then First Communion preparation in the winter and spring.  I encourage you to register your child and then choose between two options if we cannot offer our traditional program in the fall:

Option 1)  Home-study - materials will be provided to those families interested in this option and the parish will provide weekly parental support for guiding you in your home preparation.


Option 2)  Defer – wait one year and your child can prepare for the sacraments in a communal setting with typical classes and communal gatherings.


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