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Registration form 2022/23
Information is held in confidence and is not shared without permission.
Legal Name (no nicknames or abbreviations please.
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Religious History
Have you been baptized in a Christian Church?
If you have been baptized, please submit a copy of your Baptismal certificate to the office and answer the following questions completely:
If you have been baptized in the Catholic Church, please check the sacraments you have already received:
Current Marital Status
Marriage, Divorce, and remarriage are pastoral concerns of the Catholic Church, and marital status is a factor in the initiation process for adults.  If you, your fiance, or your spouse has/have any prior marriages in any type of marriage ceremony, whether in a church or not, please be sure to chick the appropriate box below:
Single? Engaged?
about you:
about your fiancé(e):
about you:
about your spouse:
Sponsor Information

In the Catholic tradition, the parish community is an essential aspect of the initiation process and an important support throughout one's life.  Adults preparing for Baptism choose a Godparent and those preparing for Confirmation choose a Sponsor.  Godparents and Sponsors are fully initiated Catholics who accompany a person as they receive the sacraments and continue to support them during their lifetime journey of faith.

Although not necessary at this time, do you have a Godparent of Sponsor?
Are they a member of St. Ignatius Parish?

If you have been baptized or are married, a copy of your Baptismal and /or Marriage Certificate are required for sacramental records.  If you were baptized in the Catholic Church, please submit a copy issued within the last six months - (request baptismal certificate from Church of Baptism.)

Please submit the completed form online and  send applicable certificates to the Parish Office by email or USPS :  or  3400 SE 43rd Ave  Portland, OR   97206

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