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Baptism Registration Form
Infant information

Infant information as it is recorded on their birth certificate please:

Parent Information
Godparent names
Parish Information

In the Catholic tradition, we celebrate the sacraments within the community of a local parish. At St. Ignatius, infant and child baptisms occur during weekend masses so that we can introduce a child and their family to the greater parish community that is pledging to support their journey of faith.

As you prepare to baptize your child at St. Ignatius, we invite you to register at the parish if you are not yet part of a particular parish community. The registration form helps us develop a relationship with the many individuals and families that call St. Ignatius their spiritual home. In addition to the sacraments, St. Ignatius seeks to be a source of stability throughout a person’s life of faith and provide pastoral care when requested. As you register, you will also have an opportunity to reflect on how you would like to contribute to the parish community through your regular worship, participation in a ministry, and financial support. If you would like to register at St. Ignatius, there is a link on our opening page at, forms in the back
of the church, in the parish office, or the parish can mail you an informational packet.

Is your family registered at St Ignatius?

We recognize that there are circumstances when families are registered at another parish but they would still like to have their child baptized at St. Ignatius. If this is the case for your family, please provide the contact information of the parish where you are currently registered:

If registered at another Parish, please include a letter of permission from your Pastor.


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