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"The Word of God" Bible Study

Tuesdays, October 3-24, 2023

The Lord would like a word with you. With all of us, in fact. Nothing so distinguishes us as humans as our capacity for language. The incredible power lying within words leads John the Evangelist to claim that Jesus Christ is the Word of God!

In four sessions, beginning Tuesday, October 3, and every Tuesday through October 24, we will explore with Clifford Yeary the richness of the biblical claims for the power of the word to bring us into communion with God: the Spoken Word; the Written Word; the Gospel; and the Eternal Word. Choose either morning or evening sessions. Come for all four sessions or for any one you are able. All sessions in the parish office dining room. Morning sessions will be from 10:30AM–12:00PM. Evening sessions will take place from 7:00–8:30PM.

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