The last major campus renewal at St. Ignatius Parish spanned the decade of the 1950s and included building the existing church, school and Dillon Hall. In the late 1990s and early 2000s there were efforts undertaken to update a master plan for the campus. A campus master plan was approved by the Archdiocese in 2014 - see it here.


     The first phase in this plan was to complete maintenance projects, including new roofs for the church and school and new ceiling in the church. This phase included additional maintenance projects which have yet to be completed including upgrading campus building heating and electrical systems. 

     In 2015 the concept of a senior independent living apartment complex on campus emerged with the goal to produce income for the parish. The master plan from 2014 was put on hold while feasibility studies were undertaken for both the proposed apartment complex and a capital campaign to fund development of the buildings included in the 2014 master plan. In 2018 the feasibility studies were discontinued based on feedback from the Portland Archdiocese.

     St. Ignatius Parish now finds itself needing to go back to implementing a master plan for the campus. With aging facilities that require an increasing amount of maintenance and repair, there is a growing need to find a way forward for the next 50 years that is affordable and sustainable. We expect our Jesuit heritage will inform the planning process so the outcome of our master plan reflects an ecological justice theme, consistent with Ignatian values.

     Planning is now beginning, starting with resurrecting the approved master plan from 2014. The planning process includes refining the projects to be included, obtaining cost estimates and defining the phases with input from the parish community. Some of the projects under consideration for the initial phase include replacement of the church boiler and heat delivery system, updating the church electrical delivery system that is in need of repair, expanding the classroom for the school's Pre-K program, adding security cameras to the campus, enhancing campus landscaping and updating the master plan from 2014 to accommodate new play areas and optimized traffic flow and parking.


A list of projects completed and under consideration is available here


Questions about the planning process can be directed to Joseph Byrd, Parish administrator