Anti-racism resources for families and kids



Talking with Children About Race, Racism and Anti-racism
It has been an historical last few weeks with our world focused on the largest demonstration that most of us have witnessed in our life-times.  One beautiful thing emerging from this is the open conversations about race, the opportunity for deeper learning, and the abundant resources available for examining our hearts, forming our children, and taking action.  
My favorites are:

If you’re interested you can watch an hour long video about talking about race in Children’s Ministry that is well worth watching:

If you are feeling the need to process and find spiritual support during this time, please do not hesitate to participate in an upcoming event or contact the parish office. 

 Racial Justice Weekly recommendation

 6/28/2020:  Do you want to see more engagement in our national democracy? Check out From the safety of your home you can use their template to write letters encouraging non-voters to participate in our fall election. They will provide the addresses from all over the country and a template and you complete the letters and provide the envelope and stamps. You hold the letters and mail them in late October. It has measurable results and is one way to reach out and engage another citizen in our democracy.


Two more options:

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6/21/2020:   Are you looking for concrete ways to listen, grow, learn, pray and act for racial justice but possibly feeling overwhelmed with resources?  This summer we will feature one bite-sized nugget to focus on each week to help us to keep our eyes and hearts open and to respond with loving solidarity.  This week we invite everyone to watch the film Just Mercy, which is being streamed for free on You Tube, Google Play, Amazon and Netflix through the month of June.  You can find more details about the film here:

Let the church say Amen

Father J. Glenn Murray, S.J. describes what a good liturgy means from an African American perspective.


A Poem: I, Too


Black poetry:

Family Resources during quarentine

Below are a series of letters written by our Family Life Coordinator, Beth Schaller to our families during quarentine. 

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Corona virus quarantine resources for parents and caregivers


Giant list of ideas while being home


Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019:

CDC Talking with Children: 

Complimentary access to MagnifiKid. Visit 
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St Ignatius School is featured in the Catholic Sentinel:

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